This is what I know

PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access, Javascript, jQuery, HTML(5), CSS(3), Linux, Windows, Wordpress, EHF (eFaktura), Avtalegiro, DIBS, Payex, Paypal, SMS, API (REST), Gimp, Photoshop and more.

This is what I'm learning

AngularJS, Bootstrap, Unity, Gamemaker, Corona

This is what I want

Front- and/or backend development. Opportunities in the game industry (development, editorial, PR, writing).

This is some of what I've done.

PlayStation Mania

Gaming site built on Wordpress, featuring integration with 3rd party solutions like Flickr, custom plugins and more.

Eiksmarka Hund & Katt

Responsive site with administrative tools to handle publishing of news and articles, as well as employees and miscellaneous.


Online store with DIBS-implementation and backend.

DG Investment Holding Suisse S.A

Multilingual business site with support for right-to-left languages.

Facilis Solutions AS

System for handling various types of subscriptions, complete with invoicing (incl. EHF/AvtaleGiro), production routines, 3rd party integration (Mailchimp/SMS/etc), digital magazines, custom integration solutions for clients and more.


Father, walker of lions, a creative mind. Located in Asker near Oslo, Norway.

Currently on the search for new adventures, opportunities and challenges.


Need my help?

Send me an e-mail at baj (at) psmania (dot) net